Страхування -це бізнес, який завжди готовий надати своєчасну допомогу кліентам
12 червня 2020

Insurance is a business that is always ready to provide timely assistance to customers

Let's talk about corporate insurance, how the client's needs have changed, as well as the features of communication, medical reform and prospects for voluntary health insurance in Ukraine. 

Insurance is an area where it is not necessary to surprise the client. The client uses our services to meet our expectations and fulfill their obligations at a time when he is "surprised" by life, throws up unforeseen circumstances. Our task is to be reliable, predictable in the good sense of the word.

Worth Insurance Company - specializes exclusively in the field of voluntary health insurance and accident protection. 

Has the client of an insurance company in Ukraine changed in recent years? Have his requirements for insurers changed?

Experts note that the consumer of insurance services is changing and becoming more experienced and demanding. At this time comes the stage of rivalry, when the expectations of the main groups of consumers are already formed, and the services of insurers - unified. Thus, competition between insurance brands shifts to the field of communications and the level of customer service. In addition, when a company reaches the regional level, it is necessary to pay attention to strict compliance with corporate standards. That is, for all business procedures, corporate attributes, visual image, corporate culture, etc. In order for the user to perceive branches in different cities as one and the same. After all, sometimes a hint is enough and the consumer understands what they want to tell him.

Forecast of LCA development in Ukraine taking into account medical reform?

LCA is gradually transforming from a "chip" of large companies into an effective means of motivating staff in any business. One of the drivers of the growth of the LCA is medical reform, which is actively discussed on social networks and the media. It is difficult to assess its direct impact on market growth, but insurers admit that in anticipation of change, employers are much more interested in issues related to the payment of treatment for employees, and more and more employees receive an insurance policy from their employer. As practice shows, the corporate sector mainly buys health insurance. The number of insured during this time has increased by 68%, and these are teams of different companies in scale and scope.

Features of communication in the field of insurance.

According to numerous studies, the attitude of the majority of the population to insurance is not always positive. A common disadvantage of insurance companies in the retail market is the very low level of awareness about insurance in general and the benefits of insurance in particular, although the former always blame policyholders for the low insurance culture. 
At this time, many insurers face a problem such as a negative attitude towards the insurance industry. However, conducting a carefully planned advertising or PR campaign can change the existing situation - the advantage will be given to those insurers who are the first to realize the prospects of targeted influence on the mass consciousness.

What is needed for the insurance market in terms of its regulation?

The purpose of management in the insurance organization is to ensure the achievement of the main goal of insurance - to meet the needs of customers to obtain reliable insurance coverage that meets the requirements of insurance legislation. With the correct organization of management is ensured and the achievement of a commercial goal - to make a profit (positive financial result) from the activity. To organize and support business processes in the insurance organization services are created: marketing, actuarial calculations, sales, accounting, etc.

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