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Voluntary health insurance

The main purpose of corporate voluntary health insurance is to provide companies with a guarantee of receiving the necessary medical care in the event of an insured event. Health insurance is one of the main advantages of the social package of companies.

What is an insurance case under the LCA?

The insured event is a sudden deterioration in health, acute illness, exacerbation of a chronic illness, injury, poisoning and the consequences of insured events.

Why are there exceptions to the VHI policy?

A number of diseases are excluded from the insurance program, the treatment of which is financed from the state budget in accordance with the law. In other words, there is a list of diseases that are included in the list of free medical guarantees of the state.

For how long can you enter into a VHI agreement?

The LCA contract is concluded for 1 year.

I just got a VHI from your company. When can I seek medical help?

Once you have received a VHI policy, you can take advantage of any medical care provided by your insurance program. Payment for the contract must take place on the eve of the contract.  

Accident insurance

Guarantee of financial support in case of temporary or permanent disability (establishment of a disability group)

Actions of the insured person in the event of an insured event:
  • Call the hotline 0 800 33 36 36;
The size of the insurance rate depends on:
  • degree of risk;
  • age of the Insured;
  • the term of the Insurance Contract;
  • other objective factors
What is the sum insured, the limit of insurance coverage?

The sum insured in the LCA is the amount within which the insurance company pays the costs to the policyholder for medical services provided by the insurance program.

Is it possible to reimburse expenses under the insurance policy by providing supporting documents to the company (for example, a cashier's check)?

The insurance program of IC “Varto” allows the possibility of reimbursement of expenses on the provided checks, if the insured has decided to pay for the treatment himself. However, it is better to contact us first so that we can immediately recommend competent doctors and medical institutions.

What is the minimum number of people who can be insured under corporate insurance?

The corporate insurance program can be developed for a team of 10 employees.

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-Please make sure that all documents related to your case are in Ukrainian or Russian.

-In some cases, we may request other additional information or require you to undergo a medical examination at one of the Company's Counseling Centers until a final decision is made on your case. What we will definitely inform you about.

-In order to conveniently and quickly process your application, you should be in touch with us and follow all recommendations.