Accident insurance

Life is full of surprises, but they do not always bring only joy. We cannot protect you from unpleasant surprises, but we can protect you from their consequences.
Accident insurance is not only one of the key indicators of employee care, but also the main component of the social package in enterprises. In the event of an insured event, Varto Insurance Company guarantees full medical support to the Client. All you need to do is call the 24-hour hotline: 0 800 33 36 36.
IC "Varto" always fulfills its obligations with the provision of high quality service. It is worth being with us!

Accident insurance guarantees financial support in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • injuries, wounds, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, ruptures of organs, ligaments, tendons;
  • accidental entry into the human body of foreign objects;
  • burns, heat stroke, drowning;
  • animal bites, poisonous insects, snakes;
  • frostbite, hypothermia;
  • electric shock or lightning;
  • accidental poisoning with poisonous substances, gases, drugs, substandard food;
  • tick-borne or post-vaccination encephalitis (encephalomyelitis), tetanus, botulism.

Choosing our team of experts, you
you can be sure that:

All documents will be executed on time and in accordance with current legislation
The sum insured will be calculated taking into account the necessary protection for teams
The funds will be transferred in full to the insured person
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    Insured event and insurance indemnity

    Insurance case  - an event provided by the insurance contract or legislation, which occurred and with the onset of which there is an obligation of the insurer to pay the sum insured (insurance indemnity) to the insured, the insured or another third party.

    Insurance indemnity  - insurance payment made by the insurer within the sum insured under property insurance contracts and liability insurance in the event of an insured event.

    The insurance indemnity may not exceed the amount of direct damage suffered by the insured. Indirect losses are considered insured if it is provided by the insurance contract.