Insurance company "Varto"

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Good reasons to choose VARTO Insurance Company

- We create the program under your wishes;
- We work with the best specialists and perform diagnostics on expert class equipment;
- We cooperate with pharmacies throughout Ukraine and all medical institutions of Ukraine, including medical and obstetric points;
- We provide bonus coordination of any medical care for the family of the Insured;
- We consider any inquiries, and within three days we provide the official answer;
- We provide the possibility of a corporate limit on all types of exceptions;
- We guarantee an individual and flexible approach.
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The best in their business

Our customers can confirm this
The company specializes in implementing the world experience of health insurance in our country
Watch your health around the clock
We create a program for your wishes
15 years of experience of our team
We work in all corners of Ukraine
We are on guard for all changes in the field of medicine in Ukraine
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Voluntary health insurance

The main purpose of corporate voluntary health insurance is to provide companies with a guarantee of receiving the necessary medical care in the event of an insured event. Health insurance is one of the main advantages of the social package of companies. VARTO Insurance Company guarantees:

  • organizational assistance
  • medical control
  • information support
  • saving your money and time

Our voluntary health insurance programs include basic areas of care that you can choose in any order.

Our services

Accident insurance

Accident insurance will provide social protection for citizens and their families and reimburse the costs associated with disability and injury treatment.

INSURED CASE there are the following events that occurred as a result of the accident:

  • temporary loss of general working capacity by the Insured for at least 7 days;
  • permanent loss of general working capacity by the Insured Person (establishment of a disability group);
  • death of the Insured.


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• Cherkasy region Cherkasy blvd. Shevchenko 258
• Cherkasy region Uman street Shingles 3
Mailing address:
• Kyiv region Kyiv, blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, 26
• Cherkasy region Cherkasy blvd. Shevchenko 258
• Cherkasy region Uman street Shingles 3
Phone numbers
+38 (093)777-88-08
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What is health insurance?
Medical Insurance is a form of personal insurance that guarantees citizens medical assistance in the event of an insured event at the expense of accumulated insurance funds.
Health insurance as a form of social protection in the field of health care is a guarantee of medical care in all circumstances, including in connection with illness and accident.
Today, health insurance is moving from the category of "fashionable" to the category of "necessary". With a Voluntary Health Insurance policy, you will confidently look to the future and know that your health is safe.